Smackdown Results-January 29th,2021 

Big E is backstage with Sonya Deville, asking what his Royal Rumble number is. The Miz and John Morrison interrupt an they ask where Adam Pearce is. Deville indicates that Pearce pulled some strings and got the night off after what happened with Paul Heyman last week. Big E tells the RAW Superstars to keep their stench off his show. There’s a back & forth that includes a reference to the GameStop stocks situation. Deville walks off as she has other things to do. Big E ends up getting in Miz’s face and telling him he has no chance at winning the Rumble. Morrison attacks Big E. A brawl breaks out as Big E fights them off. The 2-on-1 fight continues until officials and others try to break it up. Back to commercial.

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